Full bodied and soft, Medea fresh dates are among the best varieties in the world and come from Tunisia, where they are cultivated in the southern palm groves and mainly in the oasis of Kebili and Tozeur.


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Tunisian dates are 100% good: Tasty and healthy. They have anti-inflammatory properties, and grants energy to the system, and contains a lot of vitamins. They contribute greatly to ensure the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system, rich in potassium and have a key antioxidant function. They are essential for the wellbeing of metabolism and for the immune system. In other words, good for your palate and body. Soft, sugary and rich in pulp. From Tunisia to your table to satisfy your appetite in a healthy way. Medea’s fresh dates can replace the sugar when baking or making sweets, and can be used on desserts or with strong cheese to do a play of contrasts of unique and genuine flavours. Perfect by itself as an energetic snack. Any time is right: eat them to feel good.

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